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Project Requirements: Register Business Name | Domain Purchase | Logo | Website | All Content Creation | Brand Palette | Email Account | Google Business Profile | SEO | Branded Business Decks | Google Drive Set Up | Flyers | Posters |  Social Profiles Facebook Ads Manager 



Epic Events is a Sydney based events company who needed help in setting up their entire business, from logo design to website creation. 

The brands ethos was that they were unique and bold and they wanted something that showcased their talent for bringing to life the vibrancy of a moment through completely immersive experiences.  

While a serious tone is often seen in most website designs, this is largely due to the nature of the audience they are talking to. However, for an events business, it's important to project a creative and fun personality which is a direct reflection of their brand personality and message they wanted to communicate. 

Using vibrant shades is a trend that is becoming more and more common these days. It can sometimes be done in a way that is colour overload, so it's important to make sure the use of colour is balanced out by minimal copy and simple designs to make sure the user isn't overwhelmed when they land on the site.


Colour is one of the strongest tools that a designer can use when creating a visually captivating website. Bright colours can shape a great user experiences by drawing attention, setting a tone, influencing a viewers emotions, perceptions and actions. The use of vibrant colours leave users feeling more energetic. Which is why we chose to design this events website with bold, vibrant colours and high quality creative imagery. 

At Flow Cre8tive, we know how important it is to create a website that is a true reflection of your brand and what you stand for.  

EPIC Events Website - Home Page
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EPIC Events Website - Event Flyer
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